Tom rented a truck for one day. There was a base fee of $18.99, and there was an additional charge of 75 cents for each mile driven. Tom had to pay $160.74 when he returned the truck. For how many miles did he drive the truck?

Accepted Solution

Answer:Tom drove the truck for a distance of 89 miles.Step-by-step explanation:Base fee of truck = $18.99Additional charge per mile = $0.75 per mileAmount paid by Tom for the rented truck = $160.74Let us assume Tom drove the truck for a distance of [tex]m[/tex] miles.So, for [tex]m[/tex]  miles they would charge in dollars as:⇒ [tex]\textrm{ Base fee+ (Additional charge times miles driven) }[/tex]⇒ [tex]18.99+(0.75\times m)[/tex]⇒ [tex]18.99+0.75\ m[/tex]We know the actual amount charge, so we can equate.[tex]18.99+0.75\ m=160.74[/tex]Subtracting both sides by 18.99 to cancel 18.99 on left side.[tex]18.99+0.75\ m-18.99=160.74-18.99[/tex][tex]0.75\ m=160.74-18.99[/tex][tex]0.75\ m=141.75[/tex]dividing both sides by 0.75 to isolate [tex]m[/tex][tex]\frac{0.75\ m}{0.75}=\frac{141.75}{0.75}[/tex][tex]m=89[/tex]∴ Tom drove the truck for a distance of 89 miles.