What is the factored form of 3x2 + 5x - 12?

Accepted Solution

Answer:[x + 3][3x - 4]Step-by-step explanation:First off, we need to find two numbers that when differed to 5, they also multiply to -36 [3 × -12]. Those numbers are -4 and 9. Next, we find the Greatest Common Factor [GCF], which means the LEAST DEGREE TERM possible:[3x² - 4x] + [9x - 12]x[3x - 4] 3[3x - 4]As you can see, whenever we have a leading coefficient greater than 1, we need to break up our B into our two numbers we found [in BOLD], and have to attach an x to them because it replaced Bx, according to the Quadratic Equation of y = Ax² + Bx + C. So, after we completed our factoring, you see two identical factors, which we use ONCE. The other factor comes from the terms outside the duplicates. So, you get the above answer after you completed the steps: [x + 3][3x - 4].I am joyous to assist you anytime.